David Lutt & Arnaud L’Hermitte have created this unique & innovative form of body work.  They describe OsteoThai as the meeting of traditional Thai massage and osteopathy, a bridge between East and West. It’s a form of bodywork that combines extraordinary Thai massage techniques with the precise and gentle touch of osteopathy.

The BYC 2012 were fortunate to have a 4 hour workshop with David & Arnaud.  There were over 120 people in the room ready to experience the joy of learning OsteoThai from these two French men.  The class began with David teaching Capoeira to everyone.  He smoothly moved from Capoeira to a teaching about loosing mobility in the joints & the body, everybody was physically participating in this exercise.  It was funny as he & then 100 people became like robots showing what happens as you lose mobility in the knees & then ankles so you could only move like stick men!  Then Arnaud wasted no time in parading up & down with his pants rolled down to show everybody where the SI (sacroiliac) is!

David moved onto teach about the importance of reciprocal tension, using a piece of elastic handed between the group to show slack & tension.  A very interactive theory session!

Reciprocal Tension Frame

The guided demo’s began & for the next 3 hours the group were led through the art of OsteoThai.  There were 8 assistants in the room to help everybody find their way up & down the body.  As the guided demos were so clear everyone in the room was able to pick up the techniques superbly.  At the end of the class all were relaxed & happy to have experienced this incredible form of body work with two amazing, super knowledgable, funny Professors!  Check out http://www.osteothai.com/ for their upcoming courses across the world….


Photography by Patrici Torales – www.patriciatorales.com


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