Blissful moments from BYC 2012

There were so many wonderful inspiring teachers & workshops its hard not to mention them all!  Below are a few of the blissful moments we shared.

Bridget Woods Kramer – Anusara Yoga – Bridget led some beautiful classes expressed from her heart with so much humility.  At the beginning of her first class she expressed to all how nervous she was & how she didn’t want to mess it up! , such sweetness was offered, many people at the end of her classes had tears in their eyes.

Dayalu – As resident of  Amma’s ashram in India & a true devotee (, Daylu expressed stillness & calm as well as love & compassion through his carefully aligned classes.  He taught from his heart as a selfless offering from Amma.

David Lurey & One Sound – This class was a beautiful flowing class accompanied by the divine sounds of One Sound.  One of my favourite things I took away from this was the Ardha Chandrasana (AC) dance!  Switching quickly between the right & left leg in AC with a crossed Uttanasana (standing forward bend) in between, so much fun!

One Sound
Photo by Patricia Torales

Patrick Broome 
– Patrick was teaching every day however i only had opportunity to do one afternoon class.  Patrick shared that no matter what school of yoga you are from, we should all unite in the ultimate journey of self enquiry & sharing love & compassion through the community.  This class was not over demanding but perfect for those at the end of their Asana marathon on the Sunday afternoon. 

Phillippe & Sabine – NIA – This was a super highlight of the festival (a friend shared that it was the best class they experienced), something completely different from a yoga class but incorporating the breath & movement to high energy music, teachers & was a lot a lot of fun!  The room was packed full of people dancing their socks off, not afraid to express themselves through movement which draws from martial, dance & healing arts.

Alexia CHellun – Bhakti – A sweet afternoon class where Alexia led us through some devotional chants & Om’s.

Evening KirtansPrem Joshua  – Acro show Marina & Ronan – Saturday Night  was a fabulous evening which started off pretty chilled & then ended up with Prem Joshua rocking BYC.  At first all were sitting by the end everyone was dancing!  Wonderful!

Prem Joshua
Photo by Patricia Torales & Acro show with Marina & Ronan

Sunday Night was the Kirtaniyas – The final evening of the BYC & the Kirtaniyas did an amazing job at making sure the festival fun continued right to the very last song.  With their high energy kirtan it was impossible not to pick up on this & dance the evening away, even if you did feel your body was exhausted.  Everybody throughly enjoyed them & left the conference full of Bhakti, I hope that they will be back next year…….??

The Kirtanias
Photo by Patricia Torales

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