The Sacred Dance of BYC 2012 with Krishna Takis

After the success of the Krishna Takis 4 hour Dynamic Thai massage at the BYC in 2011, he was back to rock the 2012 BYC , with a full day of Dynamic Thai Massage at the start of the conference & then a 4 hour workshop on the Saturday.  As usual Takis was able to draw a large group of people with open hearts, minds, hands & hips ready for the unique style of Thai massage that literally rocks & dances the receiver apart & then puts them back together again.  Offering Metta: Loving Kindness, Karuna: compassion Mudita: sympathetic joy. Upekkha: Freedom & equanimity.

Takis describes Thai Yoga Massage as a sacred dance.  A holy communion between two people used to unblock energy stagnation. It is essentially an ancient Eastern healing technique used as a tool to awaken our spiritual flame and inner therapist. Learning the beautiful art of traditional Thai massage is not just about memorising a series of exercises, nor about thinking that we can cure someone of their sickness. It is about learning to give from the heart with compassion and to have deep understanding of the other person’s suffering. We are all one. We are reflections of each other’s strengths and weaknesses. We are all connected. Learning how to give and to receive….to touch….to breathe….to feel. When we massage, we don’t aim to heal, we aim to help others believe they can and will be healed. When we are connected to the Divine, the healing process happens all by itself. We are just channels to remind each other of this. And thus the dance begins…

With over 100 people per workshop giving & receiving the sacred dance the energy at the BYC was so special, generating unconditional love & ending the day uniting our hearts through chanting Hare Krishna, bliss!. Maybe the BYC should become the Barcelona Yoga & Thai Massage conference……..BY&TMC..umm?

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