The BYC experience…

How can  somebody describe the feelings after this gathering of love and community spirit! The only word that comes to our lips is GRATITUDE!

For the place and the people, for the teachers and the students, for the karma yogis, the sponsors and the supporters, the stands and the handstands, the practice, the hugs, the smiles, the ecstatic dance and the complete relaxation, the raw and the cooked, the music and the silence, for me and for you as us together, holding our hands going towards a better world, with the message of awareness and peace inside and outside…

BYC 2012 was an experience that left us more open to receive and more willing to give.. and  without losing any time we are getting ready for our next official meeting at BYC vol. 3 on 4-8 July 2013.

Om Shanti Om!

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