BYC 2012 | Free Events

Morning Meditation
Friday 6th July | 6h

Kirtan | Arjun Baba
Friday 6th July | 20h

Morning Meditation
Saturday 7th July | 6h

Kirtan | Prem Joshua
Saturday 7th July | 20h

Morning Meditation
Sunday 8th July | 6h

Kirtan | The Kirtaniyas
Sunday 8th July | 18h

Yoga Village
You can visit over 30 stands with all kinds of Yoga accesosries and props: yoga mats, zafus, clothing, jewelery, art, music, DVD, teas…and the vegetarian restaurants! Visit our stands list!

AcroYoga Jams
AcroYoga is a blend of yoga, Thai Massage and acrobatics. All day long there will be over 20 AcroYoga teachers offering antigravity massages and theraputic fliying.

Six Sense Spa es un equipo de especialista ofreciendo masajes y terapias desintersadamente. El precio es a  donación y el 100% de los fondos se destinan al proyecto Amma, en Índia.

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