BYC is over for this year….and a big smile remains!!!

Just a few days after the Barcelona Yoga Conference and the vibes are still very strong!!!

A beautiful gathering from all over the world, many hearts connecting in one big heart beating in the rhythm of yoga…

Inspiring words…

Our friend… John!

Yoga classics…

with extras…

Some Acroyoga…






and upside down..

with love..

and fun..

and karma yoga spirit..

Finishing with Acro day with Jason and Jenny..

…Kirtan day with Jai Uttal..

and an ecstatic dance for the grande finale

A big annual celebration to bring everyone and everything together, to spread the message of love from Barcelona to the world… from the world to Barcelona…

A big smile still on our faces as we already wait for our next official meeting on 5 – 9  July at Barcelona Yoga Conference 2012!!!!

Photos by Wari, visit

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