A mindful way to eat!

We are not just what we eat…we are what our bodies assimilate. So it is not only important to eat the foods, but to also cook them right, or in this case uncook them. Eating vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds in the least processed way possible, we can maximize the assimilation of nutrients.

What is the raw food diet?

photo by Nina Savidi

It is a completely vegetarian diet that the food is not cooked over 43 C so that the nutritional value and enzymes of the food is preserved. Ingredients used are mostly local and seasonal and include fresh herbs, greens, vegetables, fruits, seaweed, seeds, nuts, sprouts, cold-pressed oils and spices. The food is prepared with techniques such as soaking, sprouting, blending, freezing and dehydrating.
This way you can experience all the foods in their highest vibrancy, just like nature intended.
Raw, living food is a very powerful and mindful way to eat. Since the ingredients are so pure and unadulterated, the food has amazing healing properties and feeds the physical and emotional body, mind, and spirit. Unlike cooked foods that are usually beige or brown, raw food is very vibrant and colourful, like a rainbow.

Each colour represents different qualities, nutrients and energies:
Orange food is anti-spasmodic and is excellent for pains and cramps. It helps to strengthen the lungs. Emotionally, it opens up your joy and expansiveness. It promotes vitality and mental clarity.
Red food speeds up circulation, creates fire, yang energy and heats up the body from internal organs to hands and feet.
Yellow food is a stimulant. It strengthens nerves, digestion and awakens the mind.
Green food is highly nutritious, a blood cleanser, bactericide and natural tranquilizer. It helps to calm the mind and keep emotional balance.
Purple/blue food promotes spiritual, mental work. It is cooling and soothing, filled with yin energy.

by Wari.cat

Nina Savidi is a professional photographer, a devoted yogini and a raw food magician!! She got involved in nutrition and cooking 4 years ago, when she entered the vegan world. She realized then, that her diet was limited before and that there are so many interesting flavors and foods that are ignored due to the overconsumption of animal products in daily alimentation. In her blog (check www.veggie-wedgie.com), she is sharing her nutritional adventures and her creative recipes. She has cooked and teached cooking classes in several places in Greece and Spain. Recently, she has been in Oklahoma, where she studied in the raw chef school ‘105 degrees’ of the famous chef Matthew Kenney. Through her cooking she is trying to transmit a more sensitive and true way of eating…

We can meet her and taste her creations at the following upcoming events in Barcelona:

Photo by Nina Savidi

19-20 March 2011: Raw cuisine workshop @ Omshanti

14-18 July 2011: Smoothies & Snacks @ Barcelona Yoga Conference

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