Dave Stringer “A volcano of a voice”

“A volcano of a voice! Stringer transported us to another time and place. His fiery, soulful voice gave the entire room a feeling of a down-home gospel jam and one could not help but sing along.” — LA Yoga Magazine

“Once you see it, you can’t unsee it.” Dave Stringer quotes those words from author Arundhati Roy to sum up the moment his life changed in an Indian ashram in 1990. Pre-India, Dave was a film editor living in Los Angeles. Post-India, he is a passionate kirtan wallah and world-travelling troubadour, singing Sanskrit love songs of and to the Divine.

He arrived in India not as a seeker, but as a hired hand. He went to the Siddha Yoga ashram in Ganeshpuri not for devotion, but to work on an editing project. In the process, he encountered kirtan for the first time. The experience was so powerful he left his former life behind.

After several months in India, Dave returned to L.A., but not to business as usual. Instead, he embarked on the spiritual path of kirtan, which became his career. His goal is nothing short of bringing this ecstatic, soulful experience to everyone on the globe.

“Dave Stringer has integrated his interest in Kirtan, an Indian tradition of devotional chanting, with his masterful grasp of Western popular music, creating an exciting style of psychedelic pop as informed by traditional Eastern music as the Beatles.” — All Music Guide

To this end, Dave tours the world incessantly, singing kirtan in small towns and large cities, in yoga centers and smoky rural bars. It’s all part of his philosophy that the sacred is in everyone, in every place. Therefore, he believes his role is to make kirtan as accessible as possible, both literally—by travelling a full third of the year to as many locations as humanly feasible, and artistically—by expanding the presentation of the practice beyond the form as we know it in the West. In that sense, he is a kirtan maverick, constantly pushing the envelope with the goal of inviting an ever-widening audience to experience the divine vibration. This audience includes even prison inmates, whom he has taught meditation and chanting.

Time, Billboard, In Style, and Yoga Journal have all recognized Dave Stringer as a top player in American kirtan. He has collaborated with numerous other artists including Rasa, Donna DeLory, Toni Childs and Girish, and has performed with Krishna Das and Jai Uttal. You can also hear his voice on the soundtracks of the blockbuster movie Matrix Revolutions and the video game Myst.

This upcoming summer, Dave will be around Europe participating in events, retreats, festivals, concerts and in the Barcelona Yoga Conference.

Friday 15th of July 2011 at 20:00: Kirtan with Dave Stringer & Onenessound.

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