Thai Yoga massage: The sacred dance.

Thai Yoga Massage is a sacred dance. It is a holy communion between two people used to unblock energy stagnation.

Traditional Thai massage dates back to some 2500 years ago in India, in times of Ayurvedic and Yogic healing. It was brought over to Thailand as a medical practice by a famous Indian doctor “Jivaka Kumar Baccha”, the Buddha’s personal physician and doctor of the monks in the monasteries of that time. He is now known as the “father of medicine” throughout Thailand and homage is given to him by all serious practitioners of Thai massage. Most of the literature of this ancient healing technique was destroyed in the Burmese invasion of Thailand; however elaborate carvings and drawings in the famous Wat Po temple of Bangkok give testimony to its existence and technique.

It is, however, the teaching and sharing from generation to generation and from master to student that has made this massage the intuitive healing art that it is. Along with herbal medicine, nutrition and spiritual practice, Thai massage makes up the core of traditional Thai medicine and is for this reason that the treatment is more of a spiritual practice, closely connected with the teachings of the Buddha. The application of Metta (loving kindness) and Vipassana (meditation of insight) enables both the giver and receiver to open energy channels and be healed.

Thai massage is based on the energy flow (prana or chi) or invisible life force which pulsates and flows around our bodies. This life force is said to circulate around 72,000 energy lines within the body, similar to the meridians of Chinese medicine or the Ayurvedic channels. When there are blockages in this energy flow sickness or disease arise and in applying Thai massage techniques these blockages can be cleared and heal us of our ailments.

Krishnataki in byc

Krishnataki, originally from Greece, has over 10 years experience in leading people to reach this healing light within. He has developed a very fluid and precise massage technique, which often looks like he is dancing and he has the ability to simply teach it to others. We will have the pleasure to enjoy a 4 hour workshop on Saturday 16th of July at Barcelona Yoga Conference.


“Feel the presence of their breath and of yours, feel the weight of their body and of yours, acknowledge the beauty of the soul, unify all and move and dance. Ever in ease, with no judgments, for the good of all our brothers and sisters”. Dayalu

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