John Friend’s World tour

John Friend
John Friend will give a full day Masterclass at the BYC PreConference. First time he teaches in Spain

John will begin the tour in San Francisco on the full moon of February, the 18th. The Tour will open with a spoken word and dance performance celebrating the Shiva-Shakti Tantra philosophy of Anusara yoga. The Weekend Workshop will accommodate all levels of students, as John presents the Universal Principles of Alignment as means to Dance with the Divine.
John will also be in Miami at the end of February to present a 3-Day Therapy Training, a 2-Day Weekend Workshop for all levels, the annual 3-Day Advanced Intensive, and a special 2-Day MahaShivaratri celebration with Krishna Das, Douglas Brooks, Sianna Sherman, and Amy Ippoliti.
Japan is on John’s Tour again in April during the blossoming of the Sakura trees in Kyoto and Tokyo. After 3 weeks in Japan, John will visit Hong Kong.
John will celebrate his birthday Down Under in Australia and New Zealand.
The Merry Band will celebrate the Summer Solstice in Vermont with The Anusara Grand Circle at Wanderlust, followed by their 4-Day music and yoga festival.

The Wanderlust festival at Lake Tahoe is the last week of July. It will begin with a 3-Day Gathering for Anusara-Inspired yoga teachers only. A 4-day music and yoga festival for everyone will follow.
In July John will return to Europe to visit Switzerland, Spain – Barcelona Yoga Conference – and Greece.
In October, for the first time, John will hold a 3-day Intensive and Weekend Workshop in Montclair, New Jersey. John will conclude the 2011 Dancing with the Divine World Tour by celebrating Samhain in New Orleans with a culminating Weekend Workshop.

For more information about John Friend’s Preconference at the BYC visit the website:

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